Spring Break 2017

It has been a very different year for us. In July of 2016 my sister and her family moved to Florida. Most of you remember seeing the kids in our office all the time. It's been a strange adjustment not having those little visitors pop in on us anymore. And before Spring Break, we hadn't seen them in 7 months. Time flies! We went from seeing them daily, to 7 months in between. Most people that live away from family will say it gets easier. But to us, there's just no substitute for family! But with time, we know it'll just become normal. So I guess we'll just have to settle for meeting in Orlando for a little fun in the sun!

Sometimes its difficult for us to leave work. We can get really wrapped up in our office, and have to make ourselves take a break. If you didn't go anywhere for Spring Break, I encourage you to find time for a break. Even if its just a day to sleep in and take a breath. We all need time to regroup and refocus. I don't know about you, but I need to just stop thinking every once in a while! (Which is much easier said than done!) And make time for the people that you love. A couple of hugs from our little niece and nephews just fill us right up! It's so important to take a minute with the people that really matter in this life. That's what vacation is to us. 

Our trip to Orlando was just what the doctor ordered. Here's a short recap of our Spring Break. 



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